Little Birdies - Treetop A4 {10 Pack}


This sweet and flourish designer paper has just the right amount of elegance and class. It’s printed on Glamour Puss Diamond White (made in Italy) and features cute love birds in dark blue tones with a wonderful mix of floral ornaments and swirly designs.

Just like all the other fashion worlds out there, we are well aware that invitations (particularly wedding ones) have trends too!

So that we can help invitations designers and answer their questions we are always looking for new and upcoming colours, designs and resources. We spend a great deal of time and energy sourcing the latest colours and textures from all over the world and we love designing different styles of patterned papers to match them. . . . So we are proud to bring you our fabulous, unique and very exclusive A4 Designer Paper range in metallic, recycled, textured, letterpress and vellum finishes! 
These absolutely beautiful patterned papers are designed and printed on up to 100% recycled paper in our warehouse here in Western Australia. Perfect for invitations, card making, scrapbooking, letter writing, craft, decoupage, in fact, the possibilities are boundless.
| Up to 100% recycled | ECF | Laser Compatible | Inkjet testing recommended | Commercially acceptable colour variation may occur from batch to batch |
Our price: $16.25
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